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Simple Personal Task Tracking System

Personal Task Manager is a simple multiuser task tracking system.

Task Manager


Task Report


Task Graph


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Naveen Karamchetti

Naveen has done his Masters (M.S.) in Computer science, has started his career programming the mainframes and now has more than a decade of programming, development and design experience. Naveen has a sharp eye and keen observation skills. Naveen has worked for several companies and strived hard to build large scale business applications and bringing better solutions to the table. Quite recently Naveen has built a fairly complex integration platform for large bank based out of San Francisco. His hobbies include training, mentoring and research. Naveen spends his free time visiting National Parks nationwide.

Kutub Shikora

Kutub has done his Masters degree in Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT). Kutub is passionate about technologies related to web, database and mobile devices. Kutub has worked on web based applications in capacities ranging from a developer to architect for various clients including Fortune 100 companies in Banking, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Education, Aviation, and Utilities domains. Kutub has an eye for details and curiosity to learn different things. Kutub is interested in creating a platform to provide all the available free services over the internet as a platform for Small Businesses. When not working, Kutub spends time with his family. He likes to travel, watch movies and just started exploring Rubik's cube.

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